In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

High Success Rates with Microinjection Method at IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Gender Selection

Before the embryo given to the mother the gender / sex selection is made and it is ensured they have a girl or boy baby.


When the man has no sperm or the woman has no egg (oocyte) or the woman's egg is at poor quality; it can be taken sperm or egg from the third person and they can have baby.


If you're young and healthy, you can help the couples who want to have baby, can reach us by using the donor application form.


There must be sperm, egg and uterus for a pregnancy. When the 3 of them are not provided exactly, the couples may have a baby with a surrogate mother.

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Cyprus's first ISO 9001 quality certificated Magusa Medical Center Hospital has been serving since 1995 with modern equipment, friendly and dynamic personnel.


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Children complete a family. Our mission is to contribute to completing families with healthy babies.

Cyprus’s first ISO 9001 quality certificated Cyprus Central Hospital has been serving since 1995 with modern equipment, friendly and dynamic personnel. The rapidly growing organization moved to its present building as the first private hospital in Northern Cyprus in May 2003 and continued to increase its services by opening an additional 3000 m² building in January 2018.

Gender Selection

The desire to choose the sex of the unborn child is probably as old as history itself.

The most reliable way for choosing the sex of the baby is through a method called Preconception Gender Selection (PGS).

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Three factors must come together to achieve pregnancy: sperm, eggs and the uterus.

Pregnancy cannot occur if the male does not have sperm or if the female does not have eggs.

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A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to get pregnant for someone with the intention of giving the child to another family to raise.

Doctors can transfer an embryo formed from the recipient’s egg and sperm to impregnate the surrogate.

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If you're young and healthy and know the families' problems which can not have a baby, you can be the donor.

If a woman does not produce eggs or cannot become pregnant with her own eggs due to a genetic defect, her only option is to obtain eggs from a donor.

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Donor Procedure

To get more information about the processes that will applied to egg transmitter candidates.

Our clinic is sensitive to the physical or psychological problems donors may experience as a result of the procedure.

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Donor Application Form

To be a donor candidate and share your eggs you can reach your information to us with this form and we can return you.

Please fill the form as complete and as accurate as you can.

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A diagnosis of infertility may be devastating for a couple. Many infertile women perceive the situation as traumatizing, a cause of psychic distress and social isolation. We have a team of over 100 skilled and experienced fertility specialists with post-graduate qualifications in reproductive medicine (like a Certificate of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility – CREI), and are trained gynecologists and obstetricians in our IVF unit.

CCH is working with leading IVF specialists and embryologists across the island to deliver superior and cost-efficient infertility solutions. We offer high pregnancy success rates, leading medical attention, a network of diverse donors and various programs that help you reduce costs and receive excellent care in our hospital. Couples prefer CCH IVF when they are ready to start a family and require assistance from a full service egg donation and surrogacy agency. CCH IVF has an overall 70-80% success rate. Our clinics use the most advanced reproductive technology available and we utilize donor eggs from women who have excellent health and proven fertility.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) using ICSI, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Controlled Ovarian Hysperstimulation (COH), TESA, TESE, Micro TESE, Vasectomy Reversal, Sperm Donation, Oocyte Donation, Embryo DOnation, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Sex Selection - Gender Selection (FISH - PCR), Male Infertility Tests, Genetic Tests, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Our extensive donor database ensures an applicaple match for each individual couple. If you are a candidate to be a donor, please click here to fill out form below. You can also click here to aquire information about IVF cost list.

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Because your success is ours, we’re committed to excellence;
  • 24/7 online availability and in constant contact with our patients both in Cyprus and Worldwide through all of our communication channels, and in all of the following languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Russian, and German.
  • Upon your arrival in Cyprus, our Hospital driver will be waiting for you in the airport to help you reach us in the most comfortable way.
  • At the hospital, our friendly medical crew will inform you about all of the necessary steps during the treatment, and will be happy to assist you in taking all your medications and injections correctly both at the hospital and in your place of residence.
  • We arrange accommodations for our patients in both Flats and Hotels with competitive prices.
  • We help in booking flight tickets from anywhere in the world through the most convenient roots and with minimum transit time.
  • We stay in touch with our patients for the entire period of pregnancy to provide all the assistance they need on how to use their medications and to help clear any concerns they may have several weeks into pregnancy.
  • Since we are a part of a huge hospital with many health departments, we provide arrangements for any other type of medical treatments in any health aspect such as Plastic Surgeries, Dental Care, Psychological Consultations and many more.
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New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF
New-born via IVF

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Assisted Reproduction Techniques for LGBTI+ Individuals and Couples

Firstly, not having or not being able to have a child does not make you less of a human being. You are precious, even if you have a child or not. Wanting or not wanting to experience the feeling of having a child depends on your own will. Every human being in a society has the right to receive equal health care regardless of sexual orientation, gender, marital status or partner choice. Nowadays, there are several treatment options for people ready to have a child but naturally cannot. In this blog, I would like to give you some information about specific treatment options for LGBTI+ individuals or couples who want to have a biological child related to you or your partner. 

Nutritional Recommendations in IVF Treatment

Weight control is essential for fertility. For this reason, reaching the ideal body weight for a woman who wants to become pregnant affects both the fertility and pregnancy process positively.

Gender Selection

Before the embryo given to the mother the gender / sex selection is made and it is ensured they have a girl or boy baby.

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