Nutritional Recommendations in IVF Treatment

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Nutritional Recommendations in IVF Treatment

Weight control is essential for fertility. For this reason, reaching the ideal body weight for a woman who wants to become pregnant affects both the fertility and pregnancy process positively.

It is recommended to be fed with foods rich in antioxidants against oxidative stress, which reduces reproductive capacity. Foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, selenium, zinc and polyphenols should be chosen.

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that helps increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Adequate folic acid intake is essential both before and during pregnancy.

Studies show that foods rich in magnesium and zinc increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.

In order to get the beneficial elements mentioned above, eggs, low-fat cheese, yoghurt, lean meat, skinless chicken, broccoli, cabbage, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits such as lemon, kiwi, orange, legumes such as lentils, pumpkin seeds, unroasted almonds Oilyseeds such as pumpkin seeds, unroasted almonds are recommended in sufficient quantities.

The importance of Omega-3 fatty acids in the attachment of embryos and improving egg quality has been proven. Adequate consumption of foods rich in Omega-3s such as oily fish (fish of unknown origin should not be consumed as they may contain heavy metals), walnuts and purslane are beneficial.

Sugary foods containing simple sugar should not be consumed.

Frying in oil should not be used as a cooking method.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and artificial sweeteners.

The habit of reading labels should be gained; Foods containing monosodium glutamate should not be consumed.

The amount of caffeine consumed during the day should be limited.

2-3 litres of water should be drunk daily.

As a result, adequate and balanced nutrition by providing suitable protein, carbohydrate, fat, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral intake in daily nutrition can increase fertility by providing the necessary benefits for optimal reproductive health.