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Despite advances in modern medicine, it is still not possible to synthetically produce eggs or sperm. If a woman does not produce eggs or cannot become pregnant with her own eggs due to a genetic defect, her only option is to obtain eggs from a donor.

If you are young and healthy, aware of the problems that infertile people experience, you can become a donor. Donors do receive a fee but research has shown that egg donors also donate blood regularly and have an altruistic nature If you feel that you would like to donate eggs then please continue reading.

To Become a Donor

In addition to applying online, you can phone or apply in person. All applications will be kept confidential. You may want to make an appointment under an assumed name or while filing the paperwork. When you are interviewed by a member of our clinic, you will be asked to show an ID with your actual name. The procedures which follow can all be continued under a nickname and only members of upper management in our clinic will have access to your files.

When you first apply you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about genetic diseases, medical history and education status as a screening phase of the application.

You can fill out this form online and subsequently make an appointment for an interview.

First appointment and physical exam

The form you filled out will start the screening process and, if the application is approved, we will call you for an interview and physical exam. Your travel expenses will be reimbursed. If the interview and physical exam are successfully completed, the doctor will take blood to test for genetic or infectious diseases. And if these tests are normal, you can consider yourself approved as a donor in our donation program.


After you are accepted into the donation program, there is a waiting period while our clinic matches your physical and educational characteristics with those of a recipient. Eggs that we collect from you must be inseminated on the same day. For this reason, the donor and recipient must be suitably synchronized. When we find an appropriate match with a recipient, we will call you (preferably on your cell phone) and ask you to come in to begin treatment. The process of finding a suitable match between donor and recipient may last 2-4 months.

Donor drug protocol

Normally treatment begins at the start of your menstrual period. Unfortunately these drugs are in inject able form. The needles used for injection are those used by diabetics and are very thin and injected subcutaneously. We will provide the necessary training to perform the injections on yourself (if you wish). Drug treatment lasts 8-10 days and during this period. You will be asked to come in for an ultrasound 3-4 times to adjust the dosage according to your response to the drugs. When the sacs which contain the eggs, called follicles, reach 18mm in diameter, you are ready for egg collection.

Egg Collection

At this stage the donor comes to our clinic after an overnight fast. Under very mild anesthesia, the patient will be sedated while the eggs are collected. Doctors use an ultrasound guided vaginal probe with a needle attached to aspirate the follicular fluid. The eggs which are in the follicles also are aspirated and can be viewed under a microscope. The egg collection procedure lasts an average of 10 minutes and, if there are no complications, the patient can leave the clinic in an hour. The donor may experience slight pain in her groin area but this usually abates within a couple of hours.