Surrogacy - Surrogate Mother

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A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to get pregnant for someone with the intention of giving the child to another family to raise. Surrogate comes from the Latin word: subrogare which means to substitute. Conventionally the surrogate mother is pregnant with her own biological child where the purpose is to give the child up to another family. Normally pregnancy is achieved by artificial insemination where sperm from the prospective father of the recipient family is used. The recipient family is thus the biological father and his wife.

Gestational surrogate mother is a slightly different because her eggs are not used. Doctors can transfer an embryo formed from the recipient’s egg and sperm to impregnate the surrogate. Gestational carrier is the accepted term in this case. There are women who are altruistic and are willing to bear a child for someone else with nothing in return, but generally the recipient family is expected pay a surrogacy fee in addition to covering the expenses that pregnancy will incur. This procedure is legal in many countries. Cyprus has become particularly well suited for this purpose. Their qualified doctors, technologically advanced clinics, and plenty of women willing surrogates at a reasonable price, make Cyprus a haven for surrogate motherhood.